Digestible Little Pieces

Posted in Comics, Novels by J.R. Bumanglag on February 9, 2009

I quickly followed Angel and Demons with Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors Short Fictions and Illusions. It was a gloomy afternoon at Fully Booked MOA that took me hours of browsing around, ultimately choosing Smoke and Mirrors from everything else. At first, I was looking for other books in the same light as Angels and Demons. There was the Venetian Betrayal, some Aztec book, and some Sherlock Holmes books that I thought would make my day. When I almost decided to get them, I hesitated, unsure of what I was going to expect. It took me a long time trying to make up my mind. I’d go around the store, checking out artbooks, graphic novels and then some. Finally, it came down to Neil Gaiman.

I guess it would be at least two years ago when I stumbled upon the name Neil Gaiman. His name was pouncing about on the internet and some social circles at school. I was very curious who this guy was and did some research on him. So yeah, since I was a comic book enthusiast, knowing that Neil Gaiman (which I pronounced as guy-man) wrote a hit series called Sandman during the 90’s, which in turn really cemented him on my list of must-read-masterpieces. Though I have never read Sandman, I think if I ever get a chance to read the series, I’d probably gawk over him too (I’m still in the process of saving up for the Absolute Sandman – yeah right, 100 years from now!).

The first time I immersed myself to Neil’s world was through American Gods. On an initial read, I was expecting magic and mayhem right off the bat. But lo and behold, it didn’t take me there like a shot of tequila would. Instead, the plot began in a simple and normal way. I was scraping every character’s skin, trying to find out who these guys are. I moved along slowly and surely, gulping every page and paragraph. Before I knew it, it was a pleasure ride and the end paid off beautifully. I was hooked!

As of writing, I’m down three stories left in Smoke and Mirrors. I must say, the little places Neil takes me to has really been a grand adventure. In not more than a 15 minute glide over the rails, I was instantly captivated. I’m not really into the fantasy genre, but Neil cooks up an interesting story, puts everything on a plate and transforms into a meal easily digestible and delicious. I’ll probably provide a thorough run down of the book in the coming weeks, after I finish reading it.

The book has also benefited me, giving me an idea on how to write a short story. There have been some ideas floating here and there, generally teasing me into converting them into reality. I’m so frustrated not getting them into paper, but I hope in the coming days that the ingredients will fall into place.


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