Visual Merchandising Arts

Posted in Advertising, My Art, Photography by J.R. Bumanglag on July 5, 2009

Speaking of Transformers and all the hype it has caused in cinemas, I remembered a particular piece I made a year ago for my visual merchandizing art class. It’s basically a gondola for the new Transformers toys. It is an output of my continuous desire to have a transformers toy after the movie hit theatres two year ago. Working with little pieces, I envisioned the toys coming to life inside the gondola for children to see. The diorama on top of the piece would give life to the toys, as if they just shot out of the movie. It took me at least a day to finish it and I had fun making it. Until now though, I still don’t have a transformers toy. Poor me.


The little pieces gave me hard time placing them altogether. I wasn’t working with tweezers and only my little fingers did the job.


was supposed to be a light behind all of the displayed toys in the diorama, giving it a more spectacular effect. But miniature light bulbs aren’t readily available and are very difficult to install.



Another piece I did was this Honey Stars gondola. It’s as simple as it goes.



And here’s another piece I did for The Spirit movie. It took me awhile to sculpt the red logo. But I enjoyed the whole design. The end result was an overall team effort with a classmate of mine, so big thanks to Kevin Perez.



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