Of Pixels and Paints

Posted in Comics, Workshops by J.R. Bumanglag on July 20, 2009

Pixel Pintura

Almost a month ago, I enrolled myself in a workshop called Pixel Pintura. Since I had a lot of time on my hands and with thesis needing a lot more than knowledge in traditional watercolour painting, I invested in improving my less-focused digital skills. After setting up my 30 minute assessment, I borrowed kuya’s map of manila to pinpoint my route to the actual place of curious creativity. It was like finding the X on a treasure map, a needle in a haystack. Setting out a clear day, I was very excited to meet Joel Chua at his turf at Mandaluyong. Following a 45 minute travel time from Fort Bonifacio to Shaw, I found myself trekking through Addition Hills in search for the house pictured in the Pixel Pintura website. Not a long time later, I did and finally met Joel face to face.

Joel welcomed me into his humble studio. I immediately noticed all of his artworks scattered around the space. He introduced me with the computer setup that we would be working on. One thing lingered in my mind – I have never seen such a wide Wacom Intuos before. Seriously! But I was glad because I was going to work on it soon. We talked about what course was appropriate for my art and design background. I settled for the Digital Coloring Pro as advised by Joel. So there began my journey into digital arts as seen by Joel Chua and his Pixel Pintura Workshop…and here’s what I have to say about it.

The workplace was simple and welcoming. No distractions from the surroundings whatsoever. You can focus on your work with no worries from irritating noise and distracting objects. This is crucial because every session will only last 3 hours. In such a compressed time of learning, any waste of time is a waste of money. Fortunately, the one-on-one interaction between student and instructor increases productivity and learning experience. If you think you know enough…think again. The lessons go in-depth into color theory, photoshop techniques, useful shortcuts, screen-to-print tips and a different perspective in art as a whole. The activities are pretty straightforward – everything that you need to do are as clear as day. But the challenge of rendering the subject is another story.

One great thing about Joel Chua is that he can work around the any student’s style. He’ll even suggest the best way to color the student’s chosen piece of artwork. As you work on your artwork, he will observe your habits and tendencies, correcting and critiquing you along the way. Plus, he’s easy to get along with. At the end of the workshop, you’ll be entitled to more useful freebies and reviewers for everything that you’ve learned.

So, take my word for it. If you want to improve your digital art skills, enroll now! I enjoyed the workshop and every minute of it was well spent. If you want to know more about Joel Chua and Pixel Pintura Workshop, the links below will lead the way!

Pixel Pintura Blog

Pixel Pintura Mainsite

Joel Chua


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