Kwentillion & Summer Komikon 2012

Posted in Comics, Events, My Art by J.R. Bumanglag on May 30, 2012

Summer Komikon 2012 Every year, I look forward for seminars, workshops, talks or events on comics and design. I find pleasure in learning new things and meeting new people who love comics and design as much as I do. This year’s Summer Komikon was no exception. In fact, it was a bit more special than any other event that I have attended in the past 8 years.

My girl and I arrived at the venue after lunch to avoid having to stand in line. After paying the entrance fee and receiving freebies, we entered the hall and I realized one thing: Is it just me or did the Bayanihan Center become smaller since last year? Believe when I say that the attendees have grown in numbers each year. It’s a telltale sign of support for the local comics industry and I only hope for it to grow even more.

Right at the entrance, a large space was alloted to an upcoming local film – Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles, directed by Erik Matti and starring Dingdong Dantes and Lovi Poe. It’ll be an action and horror flick, boasting massive special effects and cinematography. In line with the event, they released a preview comicbook of the film written by Erik Matti and art by Digital Art Chefs. From the get –go, it shares a lot of air with Zack Snyder’s 300, but it’s done well enough not to make me cringe. It looks very promising so say the least. I just really hope, with fingers crossed, that the story carries as much impact as the visuals will. Oh, and did I say Ramon Bautista’s in it?

We made a quick walkthrough of the event. The aisles were filled with chatter and noise, indie creators trying their best to pry you out of the chaos and reel you in to their tables. It was your local market of freshly made komiks. And just as you head straight to your suking tindahan, we went to our favorite creators to snag their latest titles. I said hello to Elmer and Cornelia Damaso and bought a copy of Cat’s Trail Rewind issue 3 and 4. I am stoked that they are still continuing the adventures of Airee and the gang. A graphic novel in the horizon, I dare say, is a must!

After treading through the venue, we found ourselves at the Visprint booth where Budjette Tan, KaJo Baldisimo, Paolo Fabregas, Carlo Vergara, Manix Abrera and their colleagues were tending to their fans. I greeted Budj with a grin and he finally handed me my personal copy of Kwentillion. Right then and there, I wanted somebody to punch me. It was a longtime coming, a boyhood dream to see my work in print, along with other Filipino creators. It was last year when Budj found my comic book thesis in this blog and I was speechless when he said he loved it. Weeks later, he would invite TJ Dimacali and I to become part of a pitch for a young-adult magazine. We responded with a resounding yes and that became Kwentillion.


Published by Summit Media, Kwentillion targets the burgeoning young-adult market and hopes to not only to serve as a place to discuss our existing fandoms, but also to create new ones. Included in its maiden issue are one-shot comics and prose(The Last Datu by Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo; Poso Maximo: A Fair Trade by Robert Magnuson; High Society by Paolo Chikiamco and Hannah Buena; Skygypsies by Timothy James Dimacali and John Raymond Bumanglag; The Secret Origin of Spin-man by Andrew Drilon), exclusive interviews with Manix Abrera and Chester Ocampo, previews of upcoming young-adult novels and other feature articles.

From left: Paolo Chikiamco, Budjette Tan, Sherry Baet, me, Hanna Buena and Timothy James Dimacali

Remember though that succeeding issues will depend on how successful issue 1 will be. I hope you guys grab a copy, share, tweet and talk about the magazine. Follow Kwentillion on twitter and facebook.

National Bookstore also made a buzz when they finally unveiled superstar writer Mark Millar to the floor. Back in February, Mark held a competition where he would attend a signing anywhere around the world to whichever bookstore orders the most copies of Supercrooks #1. It just happened that National Bookstore won and the rest is history. To complete the team, superstar penciler Leinil Yu, inker Gerry Alanguilan and colorist Sunny Gho were there as well. They were promoting “Milla in Manila” that was to happen the very next day.

Summer Komikon 2012 was altogether a successful and massive event and we’re only halfway through the year. The only downside was that I couldn’t buy all the comics I wanted. But come Komikon 2012 in November, I’ll raid all the tables and bring home as much comics as I can. And if things go well, you might get to read another sci-fi story from me and TJ Dimacali. On that note, it’s back to the drawing board.