The Wake-up Call of my 2008

Posted in Uncategorized by J.R. Bumanglag on December 30, 2008

Looking back at 2008, it would probably be my most hectic, mind-boggling and excruciating year of my life. Why you ask? Well, it has been a so-called “Wake-up Call” for me. A somewhat realization of the truth that has been in front of my face for the past 4 years or so. I see a flashback in the distance…

The 2008 for me, was supposed to be a year of hopes and dreams, of my aspirations and wishes to come true. It began with a vision of at last, working on my comic book illustration thesis, after years of telling myself, “You’re going to make a comic book that will blow their minds away!” Okay, so yeah, the usual energetic mindset of a brash young dreamer. Sad to say, I’ve been telling myself that since the day I wanted to become a comic book artist. And that was, about 5-7 years ago. So imagine me, telling myself that specific line for the past 84 months, 2,555 days, 61,320 hours, 3,679,200 minutes and 220, 752, 000 seconds. And that’s a whole lot of time wasted. For all those times, I’ve never drawn a single comic book page. Well there was this one….oooh shut it.

So there you have it . I’ve wasted a lot of time that should have been used to improve my craft in anatomy, layouting, penciling, inking,  coloring and whatnot. So now what? I’m in the middle of my thesis right now, welcoming the new year with nothing but a few finished pages. Far off, the days are slowly counting down to the dreaded endorsement and the defense. I am left with no option but to drop my thesis and ask for an extension. It’s all my fault. No one else’s.

It has been a tough 2008 for me. The worst is yet to come. And it’s high-time I change myself before I change the world.

I’m not posting this so that I can recieve some feel-better comments or it’s-all-going-to-be-fine snippets. It’s all for the sake of facing the truth that I have to accept. Embrace change. This blog will serve as a rundown of my life as I try to better myself. It will be updated as often as possible. I’ll be updating about my current status in my thesis, about comic books and pop culture and probably some inline humor if I feel like it.

I’m looking forward to a better 2009. I hope you do too.