Vinyl+Splash: The Ultimate Collectible and Comic Convention

Posted in Comics, Events by J.R. Bumanglag on November 28, 2011

On a very beautiful Saturday afternoon, we attended Vinyl+Splash: The Ultimate Collectible and Comic Convention. It was the first ever comic, graphic novel, vinyl toy, street art and pop culture collectible convention in the Philippines. I’ve attended my fair share of comic conventions but an event mixed with toy collectibles was a welcome idea. After a just week of Komikon madness, I was very excited to close out November and possibly 2011 with comic goodness.

We arrived at Fully-Booked at Bonifacio High Street after lunch and headed straight for the fifth floor. The venue was smaller than what I had expected. Nonetheless, people were slowly flocking in to the meat of the event. The usual Comic Odyssey long boxes greeted us from the entrance along with Kidrobot merchandise. From afar, the event was certainly well-organized with vinyl toys and collectibles to the left and comic book culture to the right. We circled the show featuring vinyl toys and illustrations by Sarah Gaugler, Bru Sim, Marcushiro Nada, JP Cuison, Vladimir Grutas, Ungga, Niel Arvin Javier and more. Among them, these caught my attention:

Venomancer by Gabby Tiongson; Captain America by Nemo Aguila; Jumbo Daimos Qee by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica

Next to the exhibit was a tiangge of collectibles. Postcards, sketchcards, mini-comics, vinyl toys, keychains, t-shirts and whatnot were for sale. At the end of the tables, artists like Nemo Aguila were busy with their artjam piece that was auctioned at the end of the day.

On the opposite side, special guest Tony de Zuniga was sketching for a fan. In front of him were his portfolios of character illustrations, sequential art and nude studies. Beside him was his wife, tending to his art pieces and socializing with her husband’s fans. It was amazing seeing a master craft his work despite his obvious age. Later, Bong Dazo joined the fray and began sketching as well.

The awesome Harvey Tolibao was actively illustrating Psylocke on a huge canvas, part of his Dare-to-Draw challenge. The biggest Filipino comic book artists were there as well – Gerry Alanguilan, Mark Torres, Mico Suayan, Stephen Segovia, Lui Antonio, Jomar Bulda and Leinil Yu. They were also auctioning, selling and exhibiting a ton of artworks. Much to my delight, I flipped through their portfolios and sketchbooks. We had a chat with Gerry and shared some thoughts on how comic conventions have boomed all over Manila and the rest of the Philippines. He was glad that slowly but surely, a lot of people are discovering the local komiks scene, thanks in part of media coverage. Today’s events were vastly different from the littlest and simplest conventions held during the nineties.

We even won ourselves two Family Guy vinyl collectibles! Add to that, I brought home a copy of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910 and The Dark Knight Returns (thank you Milcon :*) We also saw Sanya Smith, Ornusa Cadness, Kate Abad, Gab Chee Kee and Jiggy Cruz. Small as the event was, the mix of toy collectibles and comic books garnered enough attention. A lot of people were finding out about our local artists and their work which is all good in my book. If 2011 was any sign of what the future holds for the komiks scene, then next year will be better than expected.


Update! According to Gerry Alanguilan’s recent blog post, Vinyl+Splash raised an astonishing 125,000 Pesos for the UN World Food Program. Wow! Better still,  news has it that Fully-Booked is planning to this again next year. Let the countdown begin!

Here’s video coverage of the event by Marvene Rom Munda.

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